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Forget About All The Bottles and Tubes!
The World's Most Effective Pups Nursing Solution!
Doggie Bubble™ Milk Bowl
Saves You from Lots of Sleepless Nights
You'd Never Loose a Pup EVER Again!
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A Portion of Our Profits Are Donated To Some Reputable Dog Rescues Across the US
How It Works
 No matter how big the litter of pups gets, this innovative feeding solution can handle it. The Doggie Bubble™ is an ingenious invention for both new and seasoned dog owners. It may seem impossible to feed up to four hungry puppies at once, but this just makes it a walk in the park.
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Doggie Bubble™ Features
  • ​Cheapest, non-invasive and most effective Pups nursing device to date.
  • ​Quickly and effectively nurse pups without worrying about if they are getting nourished or not.
  • Using it's Slow-Suck-Pull Patented Technology, it absolutely feels like Moms Nipples.
  • The nipple design is perfect for little mouths.
  • ​Pups will grow up strong and healthy.
  • ​Puppies love it so much they won't want to stop nursing!
  • ​Mini and stylish appearance, convenient to carry, easy and to use.
  • ​Works for all kinds of dog breeds.
Doggie Bubble™ Main Functions
  • ​It can significantly reduce the hours you'd have spent nursing each pup, considering that you'd have been bottle feeding each puppy every 3 hours, now you can feed a whole litter in less than 30 minutes!
  • Keeps up to four pups fed at once, they are gonna be so well fed that they'd fall asleep on the spot!
  • The design is so soft it feels like the pup's mom's body, has been tested on over 30 puppies, and they loved it.

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Get Your Pups Looking Healthy and start using the Doggie Bubble™ Today!
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Beware of those Cheap Fake Dangerous Chinese Knock offs, they contain horrible chemicals and can also harm your pups.

Doggie Bubble has been tested 1000's of times and has always worked Amazing!

A Portion of Our Profits Are Donated To Some Reputable Dog Rescues Across the US
What's in the Box?
 1 x Doggie Bubble™

 4 x Clips (To avoid milk spills)

 1 x Bowl Cover

 1 x User Manual

 1 x Gift Wrap Box

Our MASSIVE $60 OFF Expires on {{MMM}}. {{D}}.
1 day left!

What our users say:
My order of the Doggie Bubble arrived really fast. Excellent machine and for the price! Very good, is what you buy, really of excellent quality, comes with clips so that milk does not spill at the time you pour the milk, it comes with all your directions, even the box came without any damage, really According!!
I've been using Doggie Bubble for almost a month now, it really helped my pups, they love sucking on it, trust me it's a real life saver, feels like a real dog nipple. I am super happy with my purchase! Hope I can there's gonna be enough stock in a week's time, I'd like to bulk order.
I've had the Doggie Bubble almost 3 months already. I used it till I was able to wean pups from milk, it's eally a time saver, Beautiful very functional, congratulations fro this useful invention, and thank you very much!
This Doggie bubble is perfect for me since I don’t have a lot of time to nurse each puppy one after another, considering I've got a litter of 10, I simply bought a pack of two, and it's been amazing. It allows me to nurse all of them at once. It’s very healthy for the pups too, they grew so fast!
I love this product, my dog wasn’t producing enough milk and I had to nurse the pups myself and this product was my best feeding option,  my pups' health  makes  this beyond priceless. Thank you so much!

The moment i received the device good in order to feed puppys up till teething ( approx 3 weeks) the shape to me is better than the one circling in breedersworld, this one has really no chance to drop or be kicked over by mother.!

Our MASSIVE $60 OFF Expires on {{MMM}}. {{D}}.
1 day left!

Get Your Pups Looking Healthy and start using the Doggie Bubble™ Today!
Grab Yours Before the Timer Ends!
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How do I know all pups are getting enough milk?
Great Question, You'd find they'd usually stop Nursing gradually until they Stop By themselves when they are properly fed, just ensure there's enough milk formula in Doggie Bubble, Puppies just like Us are able to tell when they are full, then they fall asleep almost on the spot. that's why force feeding them with the Syringe or bottle is a bad idea because you can't tell if they are full or not!
How do I  properly wash and disinfect the bubble?
Doggie Bubble is Dishwasher safe, and it's completely heat resistant, you can also add a drop of Soap wash with warm water, when you get to the nipple simply snap it several times with your fingers, then rinse out with cold or warm water, leave to dry and you are good to go.
Can it be used by kittens, squirrels, rabbits and other baby animals?
Yes! Absolutely! the limit of Usage is Your Imagination, but Please DONOT use for Human Babies! (Funny we get asked this a lot :)
How do we know that the flow is okay and the pups won’t choke?
Doggie Bubble was carefully made Unlike our Competition out there, we ensure that the milk flow is as slow as Drips, so it gets drawn in properly ONLY when Your Puppies Suck the Nipples, Doggie Bubble uses a Patented Slow-Such-Tech, Hence it's so Difficult for other knockoff brands to copy us!
How much Milk Does this Hold?
Doggie Bubble holds about 150ml of Milk at once, that should be more than enough for all four pups, but if you need more, simple remove the Lid, and add more Formula and close it up
Money Back Guarantee
We are pleased to offer a no questions asked return policy. If you're unhappy in any way with your purchase we will make it right. At your request we will process a refund or replace the product. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.
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